New Packaging Design

New Packaging Design



  • Encens d'Auroville Sachets


    Encens d'Auroville Perfume Sachets softly exude all the varied fragrant moods of nature. Gentle, subtle, or quietly exuberant, they can be used almost anywhere, in little corners, on shelves or between linens. Use them as a personal memo under a pillow, in suitcases or tucked inside a greeting card. These little treasures are perfumes blended with natural essential oils and infused into coconut shell powder, then packaged in handmade paper pouches.

    Square Sachet 15 gms.

    Ref.Nº: EA13-A04 - Jasmine
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A05 - Lavender
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A07 - Opium Flowers
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A08 - Orange Blossom
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A09 - Rose
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A10 - Rosewood
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A11 - Sandalwood
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A16 - Frangipani
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A17 - Lemon Verbena
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A18 - Peach Vanilla
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A19 - Tea Neroli

    Hanging Sachet 26 gms.

    Ref.Nº: EA13-B04 - Jasmine
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B05 - Lavender
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B08 - Rose
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B09 - Rosewood
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B10 - Sandalwood
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B13 - Lemon Verbena
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B14 - Tea Neroli
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B16 - Musk
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B19 - Pure Vanilla
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B20 - Frangipani

    Mini Sachet 4 gms.

    Ref.Nº: EA13-G05 - Orange Blossom
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G08 - Frangipani
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G09 - Lavender Rosemary
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G10 - Lemon Verbena
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G11 - Orange Cinnamon
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G12 - Orange Vanilla
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G13 - Sandal Vetiver
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G14 - Rosewood
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G15 - Sandalwood
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G16 - Tea Neroli
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G17 - Lavender



    Fresh shoes sachet
    Introducing 3 popular fragrances from the EDA line as Fresh Shoe sachets. A pair of Shoe shaped sachets to keep shoes fresh and odor free overnight or when in storage. These sachets are made with a blend of natural essential oils providing aromatherapy for your shoes.

    Available in 3 fragrances:

    Ref. Nº: EA13-EJ05 Opium
    Ref. Nº: EA13-EJ02 Orange Clove
    Ref. Nº: EA13-EJ66 Rain Forest

  • Encens d'Auroville Jute Sachets



    The 8 fragrances in this line have a very eastern note to which Maroma has given its unique imprint. Each jute sachet is personalized with a seed from the Auroville forest. Inside, handmade paper impregnated with fragrances blended with essential oils, softly exudes the varied fragrant moods of nature.

    Available in 8 fragrances:
    Jasmine Tea: EA13-E01 
    Musk & Patchouli: EA13-E02 
    Opium: EA13-E03 
    Sandal Vetyver: EA13-E04 
    Orange Cinnamon: EA13-E08 
    Rosewood: EA13-E09 
    Sandal: EA13-E10 
    Ylang Vanilla: EA13-E11

    Display Filled: EA19-A41
    Holds 6 sachets of each fragrance

    The 6 fragrances in this line have a very eastern note to which Maroma has given its unique imprint. Inside, the shredded knit fabric impregnated with fragrances blended with essential oils, softly exudes the varied fragrant moods of nature. Gentle, subtle, or quietly exuberant, they can be used to fragrance the interior of your car.


    Car Jute Sachet - 20 gms

    Ref. Nº: EA13-A26

    Ref. Nº: EA13-A27

    Ref. Nº: EA13-A28

    Car Jute Sachet

    Ref. Nº: ML13-A01

    Ref. Nº: ML13-A02

    Ref. Nº: ML13-A03

  • Maroma SPA Sachets


    A new application for Aromatherapy. Enclose an uplifting fragrant sachet into all the corners of your daily life - your car, briefcase and clothing drawers. Or, simply tuck one under your pillow or into the pocket of a favorite garment as a personal memo.

    Ref. Nº: MS13-A01 Happy Heart
    Ref. Nº: MS13-A02 Pure Air
    Ref. Nº: MS13-A03 Quiet Mind
    Ref. Nº: MS13-A04 Sweet Dreams 

    Display Filled: MS19-A02

  • True Line Sachets

    TRUE Sachets - 4 & 15 gms
    True sachets are a natural mixture of perfume rich in botanical oils and extracts and blended into coconut shell powder. So many ways to enjoy their fragrance - behind books on shelves, in cuboards and drawers, in suitcases and cars.


    True Cedarwood
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A26 - 4 gms.
    Ref. Nº: TL13-a01 -15 gms.

    True Lavender
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A28 - 4 gms.
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A03 -15 gms.

    True Lemongrass
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A30 - 4 gms.
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A05 -15 gms.

    True Vetiver
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A35 - 4 gms.
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A10 -15 gms.

    True Sandal
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A33 - 4 gms.
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A08 -15 gms.

    True Frangipani
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A27 - 4 gms.
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A02 -15 gms.

    True Rose
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A32 - 4 gms.
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A07 - 15 gms.

    True Vanilla
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A34 - 4 gms.
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A09 -15 gms.

    True Peppermint
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A31 - 4 gms.
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A06 -15 gms.

    True Lemon
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A29 - 4 gms.
    Ref. Nº: TL13-A04 -15 gms.

  • Colibri Sachets

    COLIBRI Sachet

    Protect your valued linens and clothing from insect damage with these great smelling sachets. Simply place one in a closet, drawer, trunk or storage box and roaches, silverfish, moths and spiders will stay away. This is a great, all natural alternative to chemical mothballs and sprays, as the fragrance is pleasant and easily dissipated when exposed to fresh air. A powerful natural anti moth which protects your clothes for six months with its fresh and pleasant fragrance. Available in 3 fragrances: Lemongrass, Lavender and Cedarwood.

    HANGING SACHET 26 gms. each
    Ref. Nº: CL13-A01 Lemongrass
    Ref. Nº: CL13-A07 Lavender 
    Ref. Nº: CL13-A24 Cedarwood

    Ref.Nº: CL13-A05 - Lemongrass
    Ref.Nº: CL13-A28 - Lemongrass P/3
    Ref.Nº: CL13-A06 - Lavemder
    Ref.Nº: CL13-A29 - Lavemder P/3
    Ref.Nº: CL13-A23 - Cedarwood
    Ref.Nº: CL13-A30 - Cedarwood P/3




    MINI SACHETS 4 gms.

    Ref. Nº: CL13-A02 single
    Ref. Nº: CL13-A03 P/6

    Ref. Nº: CL13-A10 single
    Ref. Nº: CL13-A09 P/6

    Ref. Nº: CL13-A27 single
    Ref. Nº: CL13-A25 P/6



    A pair of sachets to refresh your shoes. Use Colibri Fresh Shoes overnight, or when in storage during off season to keep them fresh and odor-free. Colibri Fresh Shoes is also effective against mildew Odors when shoes are stored in damp conditions. Effective for about three months.

    Ref Nº: CL13-A90 Lemongrass - P/2
    Ref Nº: CL13-A85 Lavender - P/2
    Ref Nº: CL13-A86 Cedarwood - P/2