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  • Encens d'Auroville Gift Sets


    Auroville with its forest and its flowers. Maroma has taken the fantastic fragrances of India for this line. All of this is presented in these stunning gift sets in a feast of colors and traditions. Incense sticks, mini clay pot candles with flowers, potpourri and perfume sachets. These collections are available in ROSE, OPIUM, PATCHOULI, SANDALWOOD and LAVENDER  fragrances.

    Ref. Nº: EA29-A06

    Ref. Nº: EA29-A04

    Ref. Nº: EA29-A07

    Ref. Nº: EA29-A05

    Ref. Nº: EA29-A03

    Each Box Contain :

    1 Packet Potpourri 25 gms.
    1 Perfume Sachet 15 gms
    1 Mini Clay Pot Flower Candle
    1 Packet Standard Incense Stick P/10

    Burn Time:
    Mini Clay Pot Candle, 5 hours
    Incens Stick, 45 minutes

  • Desert Dunes


    Contains : Incense & Glass Votive
    Ref. Nº: CA29-C15

  • Rain Forest


    Contains : Leaf Incense & Glass Votive
    Ref. Nº:

  • Mountains


    Contains : Leaf Incense & Glass Votive
    Ref. Nº: CA29-C17

  • Frangipani


    Contains : Soap & Glass Votive
    Ref. Nº: CA29-C16

  • Lavender


    Contains : Soap & Glass Votive
    Ref. Nº: CA29-C20



  • Gift Set Yoga Meditation Essentials

    These are among our best selling products and we have greatly expanded our selections for 2010 using some of our favorite fragrances.A handsome & thoughtful gift for yoga fans.This is a “100% green” product. The incense and fragrance are completely botanical in composition, the glass for the Luminary is recycled and the wax is from renewable resource palm plantations. When the luminary candle has burned to the bottom the luminary itself can be re-used with a votive or tea light for continued illumination.


    Contains: Votives, Incense & Incense Holder
    Ref. Nº: CA29-C14

  • Frankincense & Myrrh


    Contains: Votive, Cone Incense & Cone Holder
    Ref. Nº: CA29-C06

  • Maroma Gift Set Rose


    Contains: Votive, Cone Incense & Cone Holder
    Ref. Nº: CA29-C12

  • Maroma Gift Set Lemon Verbena


    Contains: Votive, Cone Incense & Cone Holder
    Ref. Nº: CA29-C07

  • Maroma Gift Set Champak Flower


    Contains: Votive, Cone Incense & Cone Holder
    Ref. Nº: CA29-C04

  • Maroma Gift Set Sandalwood


    Contains: Votive, Cone Incense & Cone Holder
    Ref. Nº: CA29-C09

  • Maroma Gift Set Jasmine

    This charming gift set is themed around one of our favorite fragrances and includes a beautiful votive sized Luminary candle packaged together with leaf incense and a burner. These are very eco - friendly gifts as all components are as "green " as we could possibly make them.

    The packaging is made from recycled paper, The Luminary wax is from farmed palm, the Luminary glass is recycled and the incense are hand rolled into sandalwood powder and bound together with a natural gum resin and then dipped into our own fragrances, blended with essential oils.


    Contains: Votive, Incense Leaves & Incense Holder
    Ref Nº: CA29-C25

  • Maroma Men Gift Sets



    Cedar Lavender
    Ref. Nº: ML29 - A22

    Tonka Vetiver
    Ref. Nº: ML29 - A24

    Olibanum Citrus
    Ref. Nº: ML29 - A23

    Each set contains: One Aromatic soap and One Fragrance oil