Essential Oils


  • Maroma SPA Essential oil Blend


    The Aromatherapy experience with 100% pure essential oil Blends. They may be used in numerous ways. Use as bath oils or add to a carrier oil for massage. There are endless applications.

    Ref. Nº: MS14-A01 CLEAR THOUGHTS
    Unclutter the mental landscape and promotes clarity, sharp memory and focused thinking.

    Ref. Nº: MS14-A02 HAPPY HEART
    Uplifts the spirit and promotes a loving presence and good humor.

    Ref. Nº: MS14-A03 JOY
    Promotes a bright and cheerful atmosphere that creates a playful sparkling mood.

    Ref. Nº: MS14-A04 MEDITATION
    Centers one's consciousness to create an atmosphere for concentration and meditation.

    Ref. Nº: MS14-A05 NEW ENERGY
    Recharges the atmosphere and thereby replenishes and restores your energy level.

    Ref. Nº: MS14-A06 PURE AIR
    Gives a positive boost to closed spaces as it neutralizes smoke & other odors.

    Ref. Nº: MS14-A07 QUIET MIND
    Creates a pool of stillness in a charged atmosphere; use whenever the world's distractions overwhelm.

    Ref. Nº: MS14-A08 SWEET DREAMS
    Cultivates a calm and relaxed state of being that promotes a good night's sleep.

    Ref. Nº: MS14-A09 TRANQUILITY
    Relaxes the body to re-establish inner balance and creates an island of peace in a too busy world.