• Devi Candles



    These dramatic 3.5" high votives are made with 100% natural, renewable resource(farmed) palm wax and are fragranced with the same rich essential oil blends as our other Devi products. The outside surface of the recycled glass is covered with a richly patterned silkscreened design on Mulberry paper. This very special paper allows the entire candle to illuminate when lit and the design itself is a stylized version of the henna hand patterns used in Indian weddings. When the candle has burned down to the bottom, a votive or tea light can be dropped into the glass for continued illumination. These are truly unique and thoughtful gift items.

    Burn time 24 hours.
    Ref. Nº: MD39-A01, A02, A03



    Candles fragranced with the same rich essential oil blends as our other Devi products.

    Weight: 450 gmsBurn time: 50 hours
    Ref. Nº: MD11-A01, A02, A03 


  • Maroma Perfumed Color Candles


    Size 11 - Single Candle Cylindric - 70 gms 

    Dia: 2.0 cms
    Ht: 27.5 cms
    Burn Time: 10 hrsRef. Nº: CA11-B19

    Size 11 - Twin Pack
    Burn Time: 10 hrs each
    Ref. Nº: CA11-B15





    Short Square Taper 8.5”
    Twin Pack - 55 gms each

    W: 1.5 cmsHt: 22.0 cms
    Burn Time: 8:30 hrs each
    Ref. Nº: CA11-R01 up to CA11-R15








    Size 16 - 300 gms
    Dia: 7.0 cms
    Ht: 9.5 cms
    Burn Time: 35 hrs

    Ref. Nº: CN11-A01 up to CN11-A22
    A. Dark Pink - Geranium. B. Grey - Pine. C. Dark Blue - Patchouli. D. Purple - Lavender.


    A. Aqua Green - Ocean. B. Green - Green Tea. C. Orange - Orange Cinnamon. D. Yellow - Citrus Twist.


    A. Black - Opium. B. White - Jasmine.


    We offer a selection of our best selling square candles in elegant packaging. These are offered to you in various colors and fragrances and in two sizes.Available in 600gms and 300gms in all the fragrances and colours. 


    Ref. Nº: CN11-G01 up to CN11-G19
    Burn Time: 60 hrs


    Ref. Nº: CN11-D01 up to CN11-D21Burn Time: 35 hrs

    Size 19 - 600 gms
    Dia: 8.0 cms / Ht: 13.0 cms
    Burn Time: 60 hrs
    Ref. Nº: CN11-B01 up to CN11-B20

    A. Dark Pink - Geranium. B. Grey - Pine. C. Black - Opium. D. Light Brown - Alpine Cedar.


    A. Light Pink - Lotus. B. Yellow - Citrus Twist. C. Light Blue - Vanilla. D. Purple - Lavender.


    A. White - Jasmine. B. Dark Brown - Sandal.


    A. Orange - Orange Cinnamon. B. Dark Blue - Patchouli. C. Aqua Green - Ocean.D. Green - Green Tea.


    Size 17 - 300 gms
    Dia: 8.0 cms
    Ht: 6.5 cms
    Burn Time: 35 hrs
    Ref. Nº: CA11-B07
    Size 18 - 450 gms
    Dia: 8.0 cms
    Ht: 10 cms
    Burn Time: 50 hrs
    Ref. Nº: CA11-B08

    We offer a selection of our best selling perfumed color candles in elegant packaging. These are offered to you in various colors and fragrances and also in various sizes.

    Size 12 - 100 gmsDia: 4.5 cmsHt: 7.0 cms Burn Time: 7.5 hrsRef. Nº: CA11-B02
    Size 13 - 150 gmsDia: 4.5 cmsHt: 11.0 cms Burn Time: 10 hrsRef. Nº: CA11-B03

    Size 14 - 200 gmsDia: 4.5 cmsHt: 14.0 cms Burn Time: 12 hrsRef. Nº: CA11-B04
    Size 15 - 275 gmsDia: 4.5 cmsHt: 20.0 cms Burn Time: 15 hrsRef. Nº: CA11-B05

  • Maroma Candles Square Tapers


    Our virtually dripless Square Taper continues to be one of the most popular products in our line. It’s long, lean unique shape allows for a longer (14 hours) burn time than traditionally shaped tapers and it further defies convention by fitting snugly into traditionally round holed candle holders. Also, enhancing these candles’ appeal, are the rich colours and delightfully subtle natural fragrances. All of our tapers are made from the highest quality food-grade paraffin wax and have natural cotton wicks. The colours are achieved from natural dyes and the perfumes are blended with essential oils. Packaged by pairs in clear  packaging.

    Lemongrass (lime green)
    Burn Time: 12:45 hrs
    Ref. Nº: CA11-Q13

    Cardamom Tea (deep red)
    Burn Time: 12:45 hrs
    Ref. Nº: CA11-Q11

    Vanilla Blossom (orange)
    Burn Time: 12:45 hrs
    Ref. Nº: CA11-Q16

    White Ginger (ivory)
    Burn Time: 12:45 hrs 
    Ref. Nº: CA11-Q17

    Citrus Twist (peacock blue)
    Burn Time: 12:45 hrs
    Ref. Nº: CA11-Q19

    Spicy Bergamot (sunflower yellow)
    Burn Time: 12:45 hrs
    Ref. Nº: CA11-Q20

  • Maroma Candles Bodhi Leaf


    When lit, the flame of these candles cast a delicate silhouette of the Bodhi leaf highlighted in pure silver or gold. Gold Bodhi leaf available in 3 fragrances French Vanilla, Cypress Pine and Cinnamon Orange. Silver Bodhi leaf candles available in 5 fragrances: Earl Grey, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemongrass and Tuberose.

    Scented Bodhi Leaf with real gold 1 side
    Burn Time: 35  hours
    Ref. Nº: CA11-J06 un to CA11-J08

    Scented Bodhi Leaf with real silver 1 side
    Burn Time: 35  hours
    Ref. Nº: CA11-P01 up to CA11-P05

  • Maroma Candles Christmas

    Christmas Candle in box
    Weight: 300 gms
    Burn Time: 35  hours
    Ref. Nº: CA11-M01 up to CA11-M03

    Christmas Candle without box
    Weight: 300 gms
    Burn Time: 35  hours
    Ref. Nº: CA11-M25 up to CA11-M27

  • Maroma Candles Christmas with Marbling


    These candles come in rich colors and fragrances and have been marbled by hand to add to the richness of Christmas celebration. They come in 3 colors in all the 3 shapes.

    Square Candle
    Weight: 300 gms
    Burn Time: 35  hrs 
    Ref. Nº: CA11-I01 up to CA11-I03

    Cylindric Candle
    Weight: 300 gms
    Burn Time: 35  hrs
    Ref. Nº: CA11-I26 up to CA11-I28

    Cylindric Candle
    Weight : 600 gms
    Burn Time: 60  hrs 
    Ref. Nº: CA11-I51 up to CA11-I53 

  • Maroma Candles Claypot

    These charming candles in terracotta pots are lightly perfumed with natural flower fragrances and decorated with real flower petals and leaves. Available as round, octagonal, heart and star. All shapes available in 2 different sizes.


    Heart and Flower Candle
    Burn Time: 10 hrs
    Ref. Nº: FL39-A12


    Orange Cinnamon Claypot Candle
    Burn Time: 7 hrs - (available only in one size)
    Ref. Nº: CA39-A09 up to CA39-A11



    Claypot Flower Candle
    Burn Time: 9 hrs
    Ref. Nº: FL39-A25

    Claypot Plain Color Candle
    Burn Time: 9 hrs
    Ref. Nº: CA39-A04

    Mini Star Flower Claypot Candle
    Burn Time: 7 hrs
    Ref. Nº: FL39-A03



    Mini Claypot Flower Candle
    Burn Time: 5 hrs
    Ref. Nº: FL39-A01

    Mini Heart Flower Claypot Candle
    Burn Time: 6 hrs
    Ref. Nº: FL39-A02

    Mini Color Claypot Candle
    Burn Time: 6 hrs
    Ref. Nº: CA39-A02

    Available in all sizes and shapes without flower decoration and in different colors

  • Maroma Candles Floating


    These floating flower candles have been meticulously hand crafted and lightly perfumed. All Maroma fragrances are prepared from natural essential oils. They are available in two sizes and various colors and shapes.

    Burn Time: About 5 hrs

    Carnation - Ref. Nº: CA11-D01
    Hibiscus - Ref. Nº: CA11-D05
    Lotus 1 - Ref. Nº: CA11-D06
    Lotus 2 - Ref. Nº: CA11-D06
    Rose - Ref. Nº: CA11-D09
    Sun Flower - Ref. Nº: CA11-D13
    Big Lotus Leaf - Ref. Nº: CA11-D21
    Allamanda - Ref. Nº: CA11-D19
    Aster - Ref. Nº: CA11-D20
    Daisy - Ref. Nº: CA11-D22
    Oleander - Ref. Nº: CA11-D25

    Burn Time: About 5 hrs

    Daisy - Ref. Nº: CA11-D22
    Oleander - Ref. Nº: CA11-D25

    Burn Time: About 3 hrs 

    Mini Rose - Ref. Nº: CA11-D18 
    Frangipani - Ref. Nº: CA11-D15 
    Lily of the Valley - Ref. Nº: CA11-D16 
    Lotus Leaf  - Ref. Nº: CA11-D17
    Mini Cosmos - Ref. Nº: CA11-D23
    Mini Star Flower - Ref. Nº: CA11-D24

  • Maroma Jazz Candles

    Jazz music, like all other great art forms, contains and defines some essential expression of our humanity. Though firmly rooted in the American Black experience, Jazz has been embraced world over for its wide emotional range. It can be joyfully " HOT ", a detached " COOL" or soulfully " BLUE ". You name your state of mind and there is a melodic phrase or " riff " to accompany it. Just light up this jazzy candle, crank up some classic " Ella " and you are good to go.


    Jazz 500 Gms


    Jazz 1 Kg


  • Maroma Renew Candles

    These taper candles made from recycled wax, blended with natural essential oils and with a natural cotton fibre wick which makes them  environmental friendly, are available in 2 sizes.


    Sold as a set in a box containing 24 tapers

    Size: 10 Inches
    Diameter: 2.00 cm
    Height: 25.00 cm
    Burn Time: 9 hours
    Ref. Nº: CA II - B 39

    Size: 8 Inches
    Diameter: 2.00 cm
    Height: 20.00 cm
    Burn Time: 7 hours
    Ref. Nº: CA II - B 38


    Burn Time: 60 hours
    Ref. Nº: CA39-C37


  • Maroma Flower Wax Candles

    This special glass candle is made with a blend of natural palm wax, soya wax, and flower wax. Natural flower waxes are obtained at the last stage of extraction.  Carefully selected flowers which are undamaged and freshly picked are placed in a solvent to extract first the concrete and then the absolute. The concrete is washed with alcohol and chilled leaving behind the absolute and a natural solid floral wax which has a softer fragrance of the original plant material. This wax is what is in this candle creating a rich natural floral fragrance.


    Jasmin Sambac
    A small shrub or tree with lively white flowers that are used to adorn the hair of women in south India. The fragrance spreads it's intensely rich warm floral scent producing a feeling of optimism, confidence and elated well being.
    Ref. Nº: FW39-A01

    Mimosa Arabica
    A tree with heads of flowers yellow and fragrant that grows in dry regions: "Thirsting in a land of sand and thorns, but under favorable conditions it's beauty and fragrance are undeniable." A sweet herbaceous perfume that uplifts the spirit dispelling tension and stress.
    Ref. Nº: FW39-A02

    Nymphea Lotus
    Large fragrant red or white flowers carpet ponds and lakes. The sacred lotus of India and Egypt evokes the Divine with it's majestic beauty.  Regal and refined, the lovely sweet perfume surrounds as it enhances the feeling of comfort and well being. 
    Ref. Nº: FW39-A03

    Rosa Centifolia
    The rose exudes an aura of love and beauty. The lovely perfume of roses lends a feeling of deep happiness and utter abandon. Creating a romantic atmosphere with it's deep sweet rosy-flowery and tenacious fragrance.
    Ref. Nº: SI10-A04

  • Maroma Swarna Candles


    This aromatic candle is embeded with a true gold leaf.

    Burn Time: 35 hours
    Ref. Nº: CA11-B40

  • Maroma Candles Green-Light Luminaries


    These perfectly green products are a sublime blending of 100% eco-friendly ingredients that transform mere candlelight into a sensuous medley of fire, color and aromatics. When lit, the luminaries rich designs glow like stained glass as the palm wax broadcasts a soothing fragrant blend of essential oils.

    • Made from 100% renewable resource farmed palm wax.
    • 24 hours of clean burn time with no smoke, soot, petroleum based residue or overriding wax odor.
    • The Luminary cup is made  from recycled glass and the Luminary wrap is from harvested banana fiber.
    • The cotton wick is self trimming.
    • The empty Luminary can be used again by dropping a votive candle or tea light inside.
    • The minimal cellophane wrap is biodegradable and is secured with a natural hemp bow (see the display picture on the opposite page).

  • Maroma Carved Candles


    These dramatic candles have been meticulously decorated by hand carving the outer surface of the wax in intricate patterns.This produces a rich glow as the candle burns. 
    In keeping with Maroma’s ongoing environmental concerns, the wax itself has been recycled from our production overages.The candles are lightly perfumed. The wick is 100% cotton. Colors may vary slightly from candle to candle.

    Hand carved, Recycled wax

    Burn Time: 225 hrs each
    Dia: 16.5 cms - Ht: 19.5 cms - Weight: 3.5 Kgs

    Ref. Nº: CV11-B29



    Hand carved, Recycled wax

    Square: 600 gmsW: 9.0 cmsHt: 9.0 cmsBurn Time: 65 hrs
    With Tray in CellophaneRef. Nº: CV11-A15
    Without Tray and BoxRef. Nº: CV11-A14
    Candle in BoxRef. Nº: CV11-A01