This special glass candle is made with a blend of natural palm wax, soya wax, and flower wax. Natural flower waxes are obtained at the last stage of extraction.  Carefully selected flowers which are undamaged and freshly picked are placed in a solvent to extract first the concrete and then the absolute. The concrete is washed with alcohol and chilled leaving behind the absolute and a natural solid floral wax which has a softer fragrance of the original plant material. This wax is what is in this candle creating a rich natural floral fragrance.


Jasmin Sambac
A small shrub or tree with lively white flowers that are used to adorn the hair of women in south India. The fragrance spreads it's intensely rich warm floral scent producing a feeling of optimism, confidence and elated well being.
Ref. Nº: FW39-A01

Mimosa Arabica
A tree with heads of flowers yellow and fragrant that grows in dry regions: "Thirsting in a land of sand and thorns, but under favorable conditions it's beauty and fragrance are undeniable." A sweet herbaceous perfume that uplifts the spirit dispelling tension and stress.
Ref. Nº: FW39-A02

Nymphea Lotus
Large fragrant red or white flowers carpet ponds and lakes. The sacred lotus of India and Egypt evokes the Divine with it's majestic beauty.  Regal and refined, the lovely sweet perfume surrounds as it enhances the feeling of comfort and well being. 
Ref. Nº: FW39-A03

Rosa Centifolia
The rose exudes an aura of love and beauty. The lovely perfume of roses lends a feeling of deep happiness and utter abandon. Creating a romantic atmosphere with it's deep sweet rosy-flowery and tenacious fragrance.
Ref. Nº: SI10-A04