These dramatic candles have been meticulously decorated by hand carving the outer surface of the wax in intricate patterns.This produces a rich glow as the candle burns. 
In keeping with Maroma’s ongoing environmental concerns, the wax itself has been recycled from our production overages.The candles are lightly perfumed. The wick is 100% cotton. Colors may vary slightly from candle to candle.

Hand carved, Recycled wax

Burn Time: 225 hrs each
Dia: 16.5 cms - Ht: 19.5 cms - Weight: 3.5 Kgs

Ref. Nº: CV11-B29



Hand carved, Recycled wax

Square: 600 gmsW: 9.0 cmsHt: 9.0 cmsBurn Time: 65 hrs
With Tray in CellophaneRef. Nº: CV11-A15
Without Tray and BoxRef. Nº: CV11-A14
Candle in BoxRef. Nº: CV11-A01