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Clean Air is available in 3 fragrances Bel Air, Fresh Air and Pure Air in both Mats and Room Freshner. Clean Air products are made with a blend of pure essential oils to diffuse essential oil vapours in the room through an electric mat diffuser or to spray directly.

  • Maroma Clean Air Room Freshner


    These room fresheners are 100% natural fragrance in water base. Use them freely to freshen the room and remove odors from the atmosphere.

    Bel Air
    Ref. Nº: MS14-C01

    Pure Air
    Ref. Nº: MS14-C03

    Fresh Air
    Ref. Nº: MS14-C02

  • Clean Air Perfume Mats


    Each box contains 10 Aromatherapy mats made with natural essential oils to reinvigorate your home's atmosphere. To use: Plug in electric diffuser and insert one of our mats for a long lasting fragrant broad-cast of blended essential oils.

    Bel Air
    A sunny meadow filled with blooming wild flowersThe sweet floral fragrance enlivensand creates a sunny reflection.
    Ref. Nº: MS35-A01

    Pure Air
    Forest covered mountainsA balsamic fragrance to revitalize the air!
    Ref. Nº: MS35-A03

    Fresh Air
    Waves of fresh ocean breezeAn ocean fragrance to revivify rooms and linens.
    Ref. Nº: MS35-A02