In Sanskrit, SUMAYA means the exalted and the pure. These singular qualities characterize this new body care line, infused with the abundance and goodness of nature. Its pristine and pure scents are taken from the essences of flowers, fruits, barks and roots to give you an experience that is elevating. The products in this exceptional line will purify your body while lifting your spirit to new heights of experience and enjoyment.


Apply and massage onto your body before or after bathing or showering. You can also add a full cap of oil to your bath for a more prolonged treatment.
Available in 4 different variants:

Jasmine Neroli - Clearing and refreshing — rejuvenates and revitalizes the body.
Tulsi Ginger - Warming and stimulating — Soothes muscles and revitalizes the body.
Rose Attar - Joyous and comforting — awakens the senses and lifts the spirit.
Palmarosa Vetiver - Calming and relaxing — calms the nerves and balances the emotions.

Tulsi Ginger - Ref. Nº: SL16-B01
Jasmine Neroli - Ref. Nº: SL16-B02    
Rose Attar - Ref. Nº: SL16-B03
Palmarosa Vetiver - Ref. Nº: SL16-B04