Available in 2 different variants:

Jasmine Neroli & Palmarosa Vetiver - Ref. Nº: SL16-F01
Tulsi Ginger & Rose Attar  - Ref. Nº: SL16-F02


bathsalts bag

These natural bath salts are meticulously formulated from the purest natural ingredients. Our aromatics are achieved through a sensitive blending of many essential oils.This results in a multiplicity of attributes that take aromatherapy and bathing to an enriched new level. Best of all, these nurturing effects continue working throughout the entire day or night.The Bath Salts ease sore muscles while nourishing your skin and aromatically promoting a relaxed sense of well being.

Empty the contents of this envelope into your bath water as the tub is filling. Allow yourself at least 15 to 20 minutes to luxuriate in the soothing brew. For best results, rest after bathing and keep warm.
Sumaya: the exalted; the pure. Sumaya Natural Body Care is infused with the abundance of nature and its pure scents that come to us through the essence of flowers, fruits, barks and roots.

Ref. Nº: SL16-G05 - Contain: 4 BATH SALTS SACHET in 4 different fragrances, 60 gms. each one.

Jasmine Neroli - Clearing and refreshing — rejuvenates and revitalizes the body.
Tulsi Ginger - Warming and stimulating — soothes muscles and revitalizes the body.
Rose Attar - Joyous and comforting — awakens the senses and lifts the spirit.
Palmarosa Vetiver - Calming and relaxing — calms the nerves and balances the emotions.