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Maroma’s new Deva line of Men’s body care products was inspired by a classic statue of Lord Shiva depicting a charismatic persona, quintessentially masculine, who calmly radiates both a mellow and slightly bemused aura of energy and power. What a perfect aspiration for the males of our species--- the cosmic dancer himself.In keeping with this divine aspiration we have composed a singular collection of natural body care products meticulously blended from richly nourishing plant extracts. All of these products are softly enhanced with our signature DEVA SPICY BALSAM. A cosmically inspired masculine fragrance combining essential oils of Patchouli, Orange, Nutmeg, Lemon, Guaiacwood Oil. Geranium, Lavendin, Elemi, Himalayan Cedarwood, Shiu, Tonka Absolute, Benzoin Absolute, Vanilla Absolute and Olibanum Absolute, resulting in an enchanting mix of Himalayan woods with a touch of Southern spices to bring you a distinct fragrance.The photo of Shiva on the incense & cone packaging is that of a rare icon in the Brihadeeswara temple of Tanjavur in Southern India – mellow yet charismatic, relaxed yet full of life. The Body Care packaging itself is made from recycled and handmade paper and the products use natural ingredients making their eco trails as benign and light as those of the Gods themselves.

  • Maroma Deva Votive Candles


    Ref. Nº: DE39 - B01

    Burn time: 24 Hours

  • Maroma Deva Bath Soaps


    This fragrance was blended with natural essential oils to promote an aura of profound luxury and a nurturing sense of well being.

    Ref. Nº: DE16 - B01

  • Maroma Deva Reed Diffusers

    A regal base of Himalayan woods invigorated by spicy Southern tradewinds.


    DEVA - REED DIFFUSER- 140ml.
    Ref. Nº: DA14-A01