Body Care


Encens d'Auroville Perfume Sachets softly exude all the varied fragrant moods of nature. Gentle, subtle, or quietly exuberant, they can be used almost anywhere, in little corners, on shelves or between linens. Use them as a personal memo under a pillow, in suitcases or tucked inside a greeting card. These little treasures are perfumes blended with natural essential oils and infused into coconut shell powder, then packaged in handmade paper pouches.

Square Sachet 15 gms.

Ref.Nº: EA13-A04 - Jasmine
Ref.Nº: EA13-A05 - Lavender
Ref.Nº: EA13-A07 - Opium Flowers
Ref.Nº: EA13-A08 - Orange Blossom
Ref.Nº: EA13-A09 - Rose
Ref.Nº: EA13-A10 - Rosewood
Ref.Nº: EA13-A11 - Sandalwood
Ref.Nº: EA13-A16 - Frangipani
Ref.Nº: EA13-A17 - Lemon Verbena
Ref.Nº: EA13-A18 - Peach Vanilla
Ref.Nº: EA13-A19 - Tea Neroli

Hanging Sachet 26 gms.

Ref.Nº: EA13-B04 - Jasmine
Ref.Nº: EA13-B05 - Lavender
Ref.Nº: EA13-B08 - Rose
Ref.Nº: EA13-B09 - Rosewood
Ref.Nº: EA13-B10 - Sandalwood
Ref.Nº: EA13-B13 - Lemon Verbena
Ref.Nº: EA13-B14 - Tea Neroli
Ref.Nº: EA13-B16 - Musk
Ref.Nº: EA13-B19 - Pure Vanilla
Ref.Nº: EA13-B20 - Frangipani

Mini Sachet 4 gms.

Ref.Nº: EA13-G05 - Orange Blossom
Ref.Nº: EA13-G08 - Frangipani
Ref.Nº: EA13-G09 - Lavender Rosemary
Ref.Nº: EA13-G10 - Lemon Verbena
Ref.Nº: EA13-G11 - Orange Cinnamon
Ref.Nº: EA13-G12 - Orange Vanilla
Ref.Nº: EA13-G13 - Sandal Vetiver
Ref.Nº: EA13-G14 - Rosewood
Ref.Nº: EA13-G15 - Sandalwood
Ref.Nº: EA13-G16 - Tea Neroli
Ref.Nº: EA13-G17 - Lavender



Fresh shoes sachet
Introducing 3 popular fragrances from the EDA line as Fresh Shoe sachets. A pair of Shoe shaped sachets to keep shoes fresh and odor free overnight or when in storage. These sachets are made with a blend of natural essential oils providing aromatherapy for your shoes.

Available in 3 fragrances:

Ref. Nº: EA13-EJ05 Opium
Ref. Nº: EA13-EJ02 Orange Clove
Ref. Nº: EA13-EJ66 Rain Forest