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Throughout the Indian subcontinent ancient temples are adorned with exquisite representations of the feminine form. These goddesses embody and rejoice in every diverse aspect of womankind. As mother, lover, sage or warrior, the Devi are unpredictably audacious and proud but also nurturing, loving and serenely graceful.

The Devis served as inspiration for these products. There are three fragrances in the line. Each is richly complex and all are composed with natural essential oils. The resulting aromatics promote an aura of profound luxury and a healing sense of well being.

  • Devi Candles



    These dramatic 3.5" high votives are made with 100% natural, renewable resource(farmed) palm wax and are fragranced with the same rich essential oil blends as our other Devi products. The outside surface of the recycled glass is covered with a richly patterned silkscreened design on Mulberry paper. This very special paper allows the entire candle to illuminate when lit and the design itself is a stylized version of the henna hand patterns used in Indian weddings. When the candle has burned down to the bottom, a votive or tea light can be dropped into the glass for continued illumination. These are truly unique and thoughtful gift items.

    Burn time 24 hours.
    Ref. Nº: MD39-A01, A02, A03



    Candles fragranced with the same rich essential oil blends as our other Devi products.

    Weight: 450 gmsBurn time: 50 hours
    Ref. Nº: MD11-A01, A02, A03 


  • Devi Perfume



    Rich and complex aromatics composed with natural essential oils in an alcohol free formula, these perfumes are both long lasting and unforgettable. If this sounds divinely inspired it’s because they are - case closed!! 

    Ref. Nº: MD14-A01, A02, A03

    Display Packed
    Ref. Nº: MD19-A03

  • Devi Reed Diffuser



    Ref. Nº: MD16-I11 AUDACITY
    At heart, a captivating Vanilla with a sparkling enrichment of Jasmine, Cedrat and Mandarin notes.

    Ref. Nº: MD16-I12 SERENITY
    An array of lushly exotic wood and floral notes joyfully soothing as a tropical breeze.

    Ref. Nº: MD16-I13 MASTERY
    A vivacious enchantment of fresh citrus with an underlying harmony of leafy fruit notes.

  • Devi Body & Massage Oil


    These nutrient rich mixtures of natural botanical oils are quickly absorbed leaving skin tissue smooth, relaxed and deeply moisturized. The rich base is composed of sunflower, sesame, grapeseed, apricot and wheatgerm oils. We have added the 3 Devi fragrances to create sublime massage oils. These products define self indulgence and luxury at a truly divine level.

    Ref. Nº: MD16-A01, A02, A03

    Display Packed 
    Ref. Nº: MD19-A04

  • Maroma Men Gift Sets



    Cedar Lavender
    Ref. Nº: ML29 - A22

    Tonka Vetiver
    Ref. Nº: ML29 - A24

    Olibanum Citrus
    Ref. Nº: ML29 - A23

    Each set contains: One Aromatic soap and One Fragrance oil


  • Maroma Devi Solid Perfumes