Ritz September 2010

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Unlike other such products, our Aromatherapy fragrances are achieved through a sensitive blending of many oils. Composed and hand blended, using the classic French interplay of resonance and affinity, the resulting products are alive with a multiplicity ofattributes that add a new dimension to home fragrance. Our research has proven that using at least 10 or more natural essential oilsand resins in a given blend brings about a more complete therapy. Furthermore, because these blends are structured like fineperfumes, the well being effect is magnified and prolonged.

  • Encens d'Auroville Incense


    Encens d’ Auroville now has a range of 50 subtle fragrances. All are unique and each selection leaves one both pleasantly surprised and surprisingly enchanted. Bamboo sticks are hand rolled into sandalwood powder and bound together with a natural gum resin and then dipped into our own fragrances, blended with essential oils. The result is a fresh and fragrant breath of unity that enhances the atmosphere and makes the air alive.

    List of available fragrances:

    Ref. Nº: EA10-A02 - Amber
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A05 - Cedarwood
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A82 - Champak
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A06 - Cinnamon
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A07 - Coconut
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A66 - Cypress Eucalyptus
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A10 - Desert Dunes
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A34 - Opium
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A12 - Fern & Moss
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A83 - Frangipani
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A14 - Frankincense
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A15 - Frankincense& Myrrh
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A68 - Geranium Marigold
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A18 - Green Apple
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A19 - Green Tea
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A20 - Honeysuckle
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A21 - Into the Night
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A22 - Jasmine
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A23 - Lavender
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A69 - Lavender Rosemary
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A25 - Lemon Verbena
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A24 - Lemongrass
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A27 - Lily of the Valley
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A28 - Lotus
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A70 - Mimosa Mandarine

    Ref. Nº: EA10-A31 - Musk
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A32 - Myrrh
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A33 - Ocean
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A35 - Orange Blossom
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A36 - Orange Cinnamon
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A37 - Orange Vanilla
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A71 - Oriental Orchid
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A39 - Patchouli
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A41 - Pine Needles
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A42 - Rain Forest
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A43 - Rajasthan
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A45 - Rose
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A46 - Rosewood
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A72 - Saffron Patchouli
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A73 - Sandal Vetiver
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A47 - Sandalwood
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A48 - Snow Musk
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A51 - Spiritual Perfume
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A52 - Summer Peach
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A54 - Tea Neroli
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A56 - Vanilla
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A57 - Vetiver
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A75 - Wild Berries
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A76 - Ylang Vanilla

    Burn Time: 45 mins each
    Ref. Nº: EA10-A01 up to EA10-A83
    Display Filled: EA19-A04Holds 14 fragrances x 10



    Display Filled: EA19-A14
    Holds 24 fragrances x 5



    Cypress Eucalyptus
    Desert Dunes
    Fern & Moss
    Frankincense & Myrrh
    Geranium Marigold
    Green Apple
    Green Tea
    Into the Night
    Lavender Rosemary
    Lemon Verbena
    Lily of the Valley
    Mimosa Mandarine
    Orange Blossom
    Orange Cinnamon
    Orange Vanilla
    Oriental Orchid
    Pine Needles
    Rain Forest
    Saffron Patchouli
    Sandal Vetiver
    Snow Musk
    Spiritual Perfume
    Summer Peach
    Tea Neroli
    Wild Berries
    Ylang Vanilla
    Ylang Ylang
  • Encens d'Auroville Sachets


    Encens d'Auroville Perfume Sachets softly exude all the varied fragrant moods of nature. Gentle, subtle, or quietly exuberant, they can be used almost anywhere, in little corners, on shelves or between linens. Use them as a personal memo under a pillow, in suitcases or tucked inside a greeting card. These little treasures are perfumes blended with natural essential oils and infused into coconut shell powder, then packaged in handmade paper pouches.

    Square Sachet 15 gms.

    Ref.Nº: EA13-A04 - Jasmine
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A05 - Lavender
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A07 - Opium Flowers
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A08 - Orange Blossom
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A09 - Rose
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A10 - Rosewood
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A11 - Sandalwood
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A16 - Frangipani
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A17 - Lemon Verbena
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A18 - Peach Vanilla
    Ref.Nº: EA13-A19 - Tea Neroli

    Hanging Sachet 26 gms.

    Ref.Nº: EA13-B04 - Jasmine
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B05 - Lavender
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B08 - Rose
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B09 - Rosewood
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B10 - Sandalwood
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B13 - Lemon Verbena
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B14 - Tea Neroli
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B16 - Musk
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B19 - Pure Vanilla
    Ref.Nº: EA13-B20 - Frangipani

    Mini Sachet 4 gms.

    Ref.Nº: EA13-G05 - Orange Blossom
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G08 - Frangipani
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G09 - Lavender Rosemary
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G10 - Lemon Verbena
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G11 - Orange Cinnamon
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G12 - Orange Vanilla
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G13 - Sandal Vetiver
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G14 - Rosewood
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G15 - Sandalwood
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G16 - Tea Neroli
    Ref.Nº: EA13-G17 - Lavender



    Fresh shoes sachet
    Introducing 3 popular fragrances from the EDA line as Fresh Shoe sachets. A pair of Shoe shaped sachets to keep shoes fresh and odor free overnight or when in storage. These sachets are made with a blend of natural essential oils providing aromatherapy for your shoes.

    Available in 3 fragrances:

    Ref. Nº: EA13-EJ05 Opium
    Ref. Nº: EA13-EJ02 Orange Clove
    Ref. Nº: EA13-EJ66 Rain Forest

  • Encens d'Auroville Gift Collection


    Each of these aromatic blends of pure essential oils are absolutely guaranteed to elevate the ambience to lighten the mood of any room or gathering. Each box contains 5 incense sticks of 9” each, along with a flower shaped stone incense holder made by hand. This gift collection comes in 5 themed gift sets. Asian Delights, Caravan, Tea Garden, Garden Party and Fruity Basket. 

    Ref. Nº: EA10-E01.up to EA10-E05
    Display Filled: EA19-A18Holds 5 fragrances x 5

  • Encens d'Auroville Cone Incense


    Cone incense is one of the most universal and simplest methods of delivering the fragrance of fine incense. It also has the added advantage of being very compact and neat. One small cone delivers an amazing amount of pure aromatics but leaves behind just the smallest dollop of ash.

    List of available fragrances:
    Into the Night
    Orange Blossom

    Burn Time: 25 mins each
    Ref. Nº: EA27-A01 up to EA27-A27
    Display Filled: EA19-A07

  • Encens d'Auroville Jute Sachets



    The 8 fragrances in this line have a very eastern note to which Maroma has given its unique imprint. Each jute sachet is personalized with a seed from the Auroville forest. Inside, handmade paper impregnated with fragrances blended with essential oils, softly exudes the varied fragrant moods of nature.

    Available in 8 fragrances:
    Jasmine Tea: EA13-E01 
    Musk & Patchouli: EA13-E02 
    Opium: EA13-E03 
    Sandal Vetyver: EA13-E04 
    Orange Cinnamon: EA13-E08 
    Rosewood: EA13-E09 
    Sandal: EA13-E10 
    Ylang Vanilla: EA13-E11

    Display Filled: EA19-A41
    Holds 6 sachets of each fragrance

    The 6 fragrances in this line have a very eastern note to which Maroma has given its unique imprint. Inside, the shredded knit fabric impregnated with fragrances blended with essential oils, softly exudes the varied fragrant moods of nature. Gentle, subtle, or quietly exuberant, they can be used to fragrance the interior of your car.


    Car Jute Sachet - 20 gms

    Ref. Nº: EA13-A26

    Ref. Nº: EA13-A27

    Ref. Nº: EA13-A28

    Car Jute Sachet

    Ref. Nº: ML13-A01

    Ref. Nº: ML13-A02

    Ref. Nº: ML13-A03

  • Encens d'Auroville Gift Sets


    Auroville with its forest and its flowers. Maroma has taken the fantastic fragrances of India for this line. All of this is presented in these stunning gift sets in a feast of colors and traditions. Incense sticks, mini clay pot candles with flowers, potpourri and perfume sachets. These collections are available in ROSE, OPIUM, PATCHOULI, SANDALWOOD and LAVENDER  fragrances.

    Ref. Nº: EA29-A06

    Ref. Nº: EA29-A04

    Ref. Nº: EA29-A07

    Ref. Nº: EA29-A05

    Ref. Nº: EA29-A03

    Each Box Contain :

    1 Packet Potpourri 25 gms.
    1 Perfume Sachet 15 gms
    1 Mini Clay Pot Flower Candle
    1 Packet Standard Incense Stick P/10

    Burn Time:
    Mini Clay Pot Candle, 5 hours
    Incens Stick, 45 minutes